9 august 2011

down on earth

Something must be ridiculously wrong because the more I think about me, the more I see illness and lack of any will.

And then I look at photos of ill people. And what I see is this will to live bursting violently out of the screen, immersing the whole building into a frenzy. All the people get out of their apartments and run up to the top floor, where there’s an empty space, no windows, no walls, no furniture. A huge space expanding all over town, touching every building. People race to get to this huge empty space intoxicated with good sense, freshness and will to live and as they get there, one by one, they take out their jackets and put them on the floor. Then their shoes, then their trousers, skirts, shirts, ties. Put their briefcases on the floor and stand facing one another in their underwear. Then one by one they fall to the ground. This huge empty space is now intoxicated with life and people are dying from it, one by one.
Down on earth, ill people hope for one more breath.

See my skinless body as a refelction of my soul.
See my boneless body as a reflection of my soul.
See my blind eyes as a reflection of my soul.
See my meaningless words as a reflection of my soul.
See me as I am.

breathe air into this empty lungs.
as dead as a porcelain doll.

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